Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great-great Grandma Esther's Care bear!

On Monday (Hayden's 6 month birthday!) we went down to Centralia to visit my great-grandma Ester and grandpa Ralph. They hadn't seen Hayden since she was only a week or so old, so I knew we needed to make time for them...don't know how much longer they will be with us! :( Anyways, Hayden was being her cute smiley self and showing off the entire time there! Grandma kept saying that she'd never seen a baby be so good and happy! :) Then she said she remembered she had something for Hayden. She comes out with this Care Bear Grumpy that one of her girlfriend's HANDMADE years ago! It is amazing how someone could make that by hand! BUT...the best part was that Hayden ~LOVED~ it!! She kept smiling and giggling at it and reached for it the entire time we were there! Even still, after we came home, if she happens to see it...she WANTS it! Grumpy Care Bear is her new best friend! Screw Mijo who wants nothing to do with her...grumpy bear lets her hold him, suck on him and poke his eyes out! ;)
It was so nice to see Hayden's Great-great grandma & grandpa so tickled with her! As always, she's the star of the show!

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