Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hayden Funny!

So- since this is sorta a long story- I figured I'd post it here on the blog than my facebook (which my blog gets posted at anyways...)  And- since I ~DO~ have a few readers (ahem...sue, christina...) ;)

Anyhow- the other night at dinner...

Hayden says "Mommy, you would never ground me would you?"

Me: "I probably would if you did something that broke the rules and deserved it"

Hayden: "But mommy, you're kidding me right? You'd never ground me?"

Me: "Yes, Hayden I would ground you, and probably will when you are a teenager, since teenagers like to break rules."

Hayden: *WITH HUGE TEARS ABOUT TO FALL FROM HER EYES* "But Mommy....I don't want to be grounded!"

Me: "Hayden, do you know what 'grounded' means?"

Hayden: "Yes, it means you bury me in the back yard!"

Jeremy & I ~DIED~ laughing.

So- despite just leaving it like that and TOTALLY using that shit as a great motivator for her to follow our rules & be good... I owned up & told her what it really meant. Needless to say, she still doesn't want to lose her tv privileges.

And since it makes me physically ill to not post a picture with a post- Here's our lil miss Sassafrass & brother at the apple orchard the other day! :)