Tuesday, January 31, 2012

wow I suck at this blogging thing...

Okay- 1st thing to get out of the way before I forget!!! :) I'm a creative team member for Roseytoes Designs & She ROCKS!!!  Anyone who may read this & is a scrapbooker- DONT MISS out on this opportunity to work with her goodies!

Alrighty, since that business is out of the way- I want to apologize for sucking so much at this blog. It's strange because you'd think me not working would mean I'd have all the time in the world to manage my blog & digital scrapbooking responsibilities on top of taking care of the kiddos- but seriously! This stay at home mom gig is HARD work!! :)

Anywho... Instead of killing myself with a bunch of posts...here's my layouts for the month of January.  You can see my gallery HERE for credits & visit


Monday, January 2, 2012

Declan is 9 months old!!

Declan is 9 months old!!!  I cannot believe how fast my baby is growing up! :(

His stats at his checkup: 21.5 pounds & 28.5 inches (both 75%ile)
He's just growing out of his 12 month clothes & in shoe size 5!! 
He has 5 teeth (E,F,G,O,P) with a few more on the way!
He's such a MONSTER!

This lil guy is ALL BOY! He is constantly in motion. He NEVER stops moving, even to sleep unless you hold him tight until he gives up & crashes.  It was pretty difficult getting 9 month pictures, since he wanted to be on the move the entire time!  He crawls at record speeds & cruises along furniture, walls, etc like a pro. It's just a matter of time before he's running around!  He's a brut- when he wants to get somewhere, he'll roll/push/shove/squirm to get where he wants (even if he's up in your arms!)  He's very adventurous- with little fear. He loves to be thrown around & climbs stairs/step stools like it's nothing. He opens cupboards & drawers & pulls everything out to be inspected! 

He LOVES his sissy & bee-lines it to her room to play with her toys.  EVERYTHING instantly is in his mouth & he likes to suck on unconventional pacifiers- sissy's squinkie's, marbles, toothbrushes, etc.  He LOVES bath time. The minute the tub starts running, he's at the edge of the tub trying to crawl in. He loves playing with the toilet paper & the toilet lid- we've learned to keep the lid down at all times! :)
He's not saying too much, mostly just baby babbles, but I figure he's just working on so many physical things first! He makes this silly scrunched up face & snorts which is hilarious & loves to smile & laugh!

He loves to eat! He has 4-5 8oz bottles of formula a day (stopped nursing at ~ 7 1/2 mos. so he'd sleep longer at night...that's a whole other issue!) plus meals/snacks with us. He LOVES real food and doesn't really eat much puree'd baby food. He only likes the 3rd foods with textures & prefers veggies over fruits!  His favorite foods are cheerios, goldfish crackers, bread/toast (we eat Dave's Killer Bread with all the nuts/seeds & he doesn't seem to mind one bit!), banana, avocado, oatmeal, spaghetti & mac n cheese. 

As far as sleep goes, he's doing better, but I can count the times he's sleep completely through the night on one hand. :(  First, we moved, then he had a cold, then teething, then we started formula (which did help!), then teething, then the flu, then teething & now another head cold. It's always something!  Most nights he'll go down at 7:30, up at 11 to be snuggled, then he'll make it until 2 or 3am have a bottle & then down until 7 or 8 am. I've just figured I'll get sleep when the kids are teenagers & I'll complain about them never waking up! ;) 

Declan is by far 100% opposite of his big sister as a baby & SOOO much fun! He makes me smile everyday & I'll take all the sleepless nights in the world for that!

(He was on the move in this pic!)

scrapbook layout catch up!

Sorry- I'm just going to MASS post all the layouts I've done that have been released up to date! This is the first time since I've been a member of a designer's creative team that I have NO layouts pending posting!! :)

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