Friday, September 12, 2008

1st time below 150!!

So Fridays are my weigh-in days (today!!) and for the FIRST time since probably Jan '07 I am below 150! When I got pregnant, I was right at 151 (the heaviest I had ever been!) And then, of course with "baby weight" I topped out around 175 (only gained ~ 25 lbs during pregnancy). Well, after I had Hayden, I was stuck between 160 -155. The day I began weight watchers, I was 160 on the dot. That was 6 weeks ago to the day and I'm at 149! I'm so proud of myself and despite my junk-food junkiness...I've still been able to "indulge" and lose this extra padding! Even Jeremy has lost some weight too, since he eats mostly whatever I cook...depending on how small I chop up the onions or other stuff he doesn't like! :) Right now my motivation hangs in the guest closet; my bridesmaid dress for Nic's wedding. In addition, we'll be in Mexico and I will have to wear a swimsuit (something I've managed NOT to do this summer!!) SO...thanks for reading and your support! :) Until next week....

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