Wednesday, April 28, 2010

About dang time!

Halle-freakin-luja!! Exactly three months ago we began this horrible miscarriage journey and today my LAST blood draw came back with NO pregnancy hormone left! I'm so sick of giving blood, visiting the lab and talking to my dr weekly! It sure feels nice to just be done finally.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whistler, B.C. Ski & Snowboard Festival!

We were able to go to the Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival again this year. Jeremy and I have gone a few times in the past, but this was the first time with Hayden! Despite a long car ride and the terrible two's, she was fairly well behaved and had a good time! While everyone ski'd Jeremy and I were able to do some touristy stuff: shopping in the village, visited the olympic's nordic events site and the beautiful Bradywine Falls! We stayed at a beautiful condo, which worked out well for nap/bed times with buggy. She LOVED riding the shuttle bus to the village and dancing with Grandma to The Hairfarmer's (our favorite Whistler band). Last, but definitely not least- Brent (our friend Annette's boyfriend) is Ashleigh McIvor's father. She won the Gold Medal in SkiCross for Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics! She was in town while we were all there and was able to meet us and show off her gold! :) I took about 100 pictures, but here's a small sampling! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Just a few cute pics from the last couple weeks! :)
Hayden 'helping' mommy make cookies

Crabby but still super cute! :)

Blowing bubbles at Karly's Bridal Shower!

Daddy & Mommy had a over night date night! (Jeremy had a hockey tournament in Lynnwood, so we were able to 'get-away' for the weekend!)

Sitting on the porch in big girl underware! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Potty on the Porch

Mijo knocked on the door to go potty outside. Hayden had been running around without a diaper on and yelled "I go potty outside like mijo"! :) She then proceeds to get her potty chair out of the bathroom, opens the slider and sets her chair on the porch. AND- she actually went pee-pee!!! :) The pictures are deceiving in the fact that it was at most 45* outside! She kept yelling at me to close the door and no pictures, so I had to be sneaky to document her pottying on the porch! I guess as long as we go potty on the porch, potty training is going to be a breeze!! ;)
Taking the potty outside (while wearing dada's shoes!)

She turned around so I couldn't see her! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

For Easter, we headed East to Spokane (and got stuck on the pass since a spring snow storm came through!) Hayden did surprisingly well, even if not falling asleep till way past her bedtime! She was very concerned about Papa's motorcycle and kept asking when we would see it. :) Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs (that was fun with a 2 yr old!) and had family over for a yummy dinner. On Easter Sunday, we had brunch with Grandma Wheeler, Hayden opened all her fun presents from the Easter Bunny and had a mini-egg hunt in the backyard. It was a very quick, but fun weekend!