Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm An AUNTIE!!! :)

Our Last Belly Pic together! :)
My beautiful Nephew Bodie!

So Thankful my little alarm clock Hayden slept in until 8:30 today! I didn't get home from the hospital until 2am but I'M AN AUNTIE!!! :) Baby Bodie is too stinkin cute with TONS of THICK dark blonde hair! Mommy & Daddy are doing well & very proud! ;) He's adorable!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Sister!

I'm so itching to scrapbook all my beautiful Maternity photos- but couldn't resist starting with this one of Hayden. I just love the mischievious look on her face. Poor little brother has no clue what he's getting into! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

maternity photos!!

We did Maternity photos when I was preggo with my daughter, so I felt like I should do them again with this lil guy- even though I'm a lot "fatter" than I was in her pics, I still thought it would be cool to document!

Anyways, My Maternity Pics are up! AND they turned out so good! I love how she got so many of Hayden & Mijo (me-hoe the chihuahua!) too! I CANNOT wait until I get the cd in the mail with all the files to SCRAP WITH!!!

Some pics are under her latest blog entry- but if you go to client galleries then WHEELER MATERNITY that's all 200 or so pics!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dead Kitty

I forgot to pass along this super sweet conversation Hayden & I had the other day.

I guess there was a dead kitty on the side of the road by Hayden's daycare. She told me that "the kitty got dead because he didn't look both ways before he crossed the road and got runned over" :) We then had a discussion about what happens when you die ie- angel wings,fly to heaven, all toddler appropriate.

She then asks "did that kitty fly up to heaven to be at papa dick's house?" <3 melt my heart. Totally teary-eyed, I told her "Yes, that kitty is up in heaven with papa dick right now." :(

I have no clue how she put the two together, but we've told her in the past that Papa Dick is in Heaven, so it wasn't too much to extrapolate that the kitty would go be with him. It was such a sweet moment. Kids are so innocent and I just love our little conversations lately.

Some random scrapbooking! :)
Click to enlarge photo to read journaling!
Also, I have been asked to be a creative team member of another digital designer- Daybreak Scraps! :) My MBA layout is the first I've done for her! Click on the layout to be taken to my gallery. Here is her store at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Life: January

Releasing today (1/19th) at Misty's Funky Playground Designs Store is MY LIFE: PROJECT 365 (January). I love the idea of a P365 (take a picture or do a layout of everyday for 365 days!), but just the thought of doing it overwhelms me! Maybe next year when we don't have so many "what if's" about to happen!

Click the preview to go to Misty's Store:

And My layout: (click to read journaling)
See gallery for credits

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Releases

JUST Released: Misty O'Brien's Let Them Eat Cake Mini Kit!
Click preview to be taken to Misty's Store!
It's 20% off until Sunday January 16th!
AND Misty is sending a special 50% off coupon (for future purchase, valid 1/17 - 1/31) to anyone who purchases Let Them Eat Cake between now and Sunday!

And Here's my Layout- Hayden loves my belly lately and always asks to give her baby brother a kiss. She thinks my belly button is how he's going to get out (haven't had the heart to explain that one to her yet!). She occasionally pretends she has a baby in her tummy too- thus she wanted to show her belly in some pictures! :)

*click layout for credits*

Also, Misty's Letter Templates and Number Templates sets are 50% off through Sun 1/16

And a sneek peek of Misty's next release:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today for the 1st time- Baby Declan kicked a patient in the head as I was working! :) Thankfully, the patient thought it was pretty funny! While working in certain positions, my belly totally is resting next to patients, so I knew it was only a matter of time before someone felt him moving around! AND I still have 11 more weeks till my due date, so he's only going to get bigger & kick stronger! Just this week, I started wearing my maternity scrub top and ~LOVE~ them. They are so comfortable & allow plenty of room for my ever-expanding belly!

My lovely evening!

Bedtime Could NOT come soon enough last night- 1st, as I was making dinner in the kitchen, hayden was coloring at the dining room table TOO quietly- asked her if she was okay. "I'm okay, just coloring." I walk in & see that not only has she drawn all over her hands/arms with a black sharpie marker, but she has a giant turd in her pants. AND THEN, she spilled an entire cup of milk. Seriously, not a fun evening in my house! AND to top it off- Jeremy had an early hockey game, so he just stayed up north and will be home late- Single Parenthood is NO fun!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Catch up! :)

Wow- okay, so my New Year's Resolution is to stay more caught up here on my blog- My solution is to post similar updates here that I do on Facebook- that way at least you get to here about the random funny things that come out of Hayden's mouth & the updates about our life! :)

So Starting off the year-

January 3rd:‎ I'm 28 weeks today! Officially 3rd trimester already! Crazy how fast this pregnancy is going by! He'll be here in no time!

Januray 7th: Dr appt update- all good- glucose test passed just fine- only still measuring 3 weeks (33 cm) ahead! I think it's just his position- all out front! :) HB 140's. I get to go every two weeks now- oh joy.

January 8th: Just back from a nice walk with my perfect little family: hubby, little girl pushing her baby doll in the stroller & the dog! :) It felt great to get some fresh air & sunshine while we have it! :) Already accomplished Fridge deep cleaning, laundry room de-cluttered & colored some awesome pictures with the buggy this morning! ;) Todays off to a great start!

January 9th: Yay It's Snowing!!! :)

I'd also post some pics, but I actually haven't taken very many since christmas/new years. So, From now on, I'll post an update and any recent photos/scrapbook pages! :)

Happy now!? ;) Just kidding!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Releases!

Hi! Sorry I've been a terrible blogger! My New Year's Resolution is to keep this place more up to date with our crazy busy lives!
On a side note- I've been asked to become a PERMANENT member of Misty O'Brien's Creative Team- which means I get to use her fantastic digital scrapbooking talents for my new hobby! :) One requirement is that I promote her stuff- so here goes:

Available TODAY the 7th is some of Misty's awesome glitter. I fell in love with Misty's glitter when I 1st stumbled upon her designs. These glitter sprays are BEAUTIFUL! Click the Preview to get to her Store at Funky Playground Designs.

Also releasing today are a set of gorgeous papers!
Click the Preview to get to her Store at Funky Playground Designs.

Here's a layout I did with both the
Glitter Sprays & the Glitter Sunburst Paper Pack.
*click layout to be taken to gallery for credits*
Lastly- Releasing today LOVE DOODLES!
Just in time for Valentine's Day!
Again- click preview to be taken to the store

I promise info about my life besides digital scrapbooking is coming soon! ;)