Sunday, April 29, 2012

Declan's Crib Bumber Recycle Project!

Our lil man is such a monkey. He climbs onto everything. The time had come to take his bumpers out of his crib, so they wouldn't become step-ladders! BUT- I love the patterns & colors of them & just didn't want to throw them in the trash or hide them in the closet.  After searching the wide world of the web, I found a lot of great uses for them, but none that I really liked.  I realized that his room was seriously lacking in wall decor/art.  SOOOOO- I decided to frame the fabric that I loved so much!!

Here's the said bumpers BEFORE:

After we (as in Hayden & I- she's such a rock star with scissors for only 4!) cut all the fabric & binding off 

I found these frames (10X10 four pack) at Michaels when they had their 50% off all frames sale taking them down to $9.99 a pack- So I got 12 frames for $30! I originally wanted brown to match his fabric, but couldn't find any that werent outrageously expensive. Plus, his other picture in his room has a super dark brown, almost black frame, so I went with it.  I contemplated painting them, but decided that'd be too much work! ;)

To trim down the fabric, I just cut out roughly the size then put the frame back on. After the back was on, we trimmed the excess fabric off.
*note- some of the fabric- like the lt blue was really thin, so it was doubled up & still was able to fit fine & trim down in the frame*

Once again- my rock star scissor assistant! :)

AFTER- One frame down (oh yeah- forgot to mention that I took the matting out of the frames to get my 10X10 size)
* what to do with 12 photo mats? ;)

AFTER- the back side of the frame with excess fabric all trimmed

Now time to hang on the wall.  This was the worst part for me, but actually ended up being pretty simple. I took masking tape (about an inch and a half width) and a level to make a grid on the wall to follow.

I arranged the frames in the order of hanging, so I wouldn't have to worry about it once they were up on the wall! :)

I used these handy lil guys! I love these things- I use them to hang about anything! These frames were super light, not even a pound, so one strip at the top seemed to do it!

First row done- looks crooked in the picture, but it's not I swear! :)  My lil helper wanted in on the photo op! :)

All done! Just have to get tape off the wall! :)

FINISHED!!  Bed made & nursery all clean! :)

I never really have taken pictures of Decs' nursery, since we are crashing the in-laws basement until I find a job & we can buy a house, so we've sorta "made-do" with decorating! :) But, we have the luxury of all having our own rooms, even with a spare bed in Declan's room.  Angela (motherinlaw) painted the walls to coordinate with his nursery at our old house in Olympia, knowing it was going to be his room once our house sold & we moved in!  Most of our stuff besides necessities is in storage, so I didn't really do much decorating in his nursery, besides the one jungle picture we brought with us & his "D" that I made.   All of the nursery furniture was in Hayden's room first. We repurposed one of Jeremy's old dressers with new hardware for a changing station. The rocking chair was my great-grandma's & has seen MANY miles! The crib was not only Hayden's before Declans, but my little brother Shawn's before that! :)  Lastly, the night stand is still pink (gasp!!) & my next project to re-do for his room! ;)  Stay tuned!! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scrapping Fool!!

Wow- I've been a BUSY girl! :) With such CUTE kiddos I have a lot to scrapbook! ;)  Anywho- I figured I'd try something new.  I'll try to post my layouts twice a month so that I don't have one H.U.G.E post with a bazillion pages on it! Sound good!?

Here's my digital scrapbooking layouts that I've completed from April 1st-15th!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hayden's Dance Pictures!

Hayden loves her ballet/tap/tumbling dance class.
She has a recital on MAY 12th at 2pm for anyone who wants to attend! :)

On picture day, she threw one of the biggest tantrums yet all about not liking her dress or the color pink (?) Nothing a little bribery can't solve for nice pictures! ;)

(click picture to enlarge)

Her class of 3 & 4 year olds!

I just scrapbooked about this lovely lil tantrum:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HOLY Scrapbooking!!

I've been terrible about blogging my scrapbook layouts, SO here ya go! LOL! You get the last two months worth in ONE post! They are not in the right order (I usually make two pages that compliment eachother, so their match isn't next to it, but ohwell). And, for the credits- I'm taking the easy way out too: HERE is my gallery with all the links/credits! ;)