Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~Heart Broken~

Some of you may have seen on my facebook, but my stepdad (he and my mom weren't married, but they dated for 11 years, so all things considered, he was my stepdad) died on sunday. My mom is devastated and traumatized. She was with him, gave him cpr and in the ambulance as they tried to save him. She wouldn't leave him at the hospital until the coroner arrived and had to take him to do an autopsy. I've never seen her such a wreck before. My sister and I have made sure she's never by herself, especially at night. So far, nights have been the worse for all of us. And Hayden keeps saying "gama sad." She saw pictures of Dick yesterday and kept pointing to them and saying "diiiick" - he loved how she drug out the "i" sound in his name. I'm sad that she's too young to remember her "papa pepperoni" (he had a deli that made yummy pepperoni and all his grandkids called him that!) We're all just so sad and still in shock. Last night we (mom, nic, derek, jake and I) went up to the lake cabin to watch the sunset and it was beautiful (and there was the biggest,prettiest rainbow all the way there), but hard. It's just not the same there without him. It just doesn't seem real...

THEN...(because when it rains, it pours) my great grandma (my mom's grandma) had a heart attack yesterday morning! The last thing my mom needs is to worry about her! She's okay, but Jeez...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Lil Haydie-bug!

For Halloween this year, we decided Hayden would be a lady bug, since it's her nickname - or pretty close to her nickname "haydie-bug"! Although not terribly cooperative for pictures, She'll make a pretty cute bug!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lattin's Cider Mill

Today we went for fun fall festivities at Lattin's Cidermill & Pumpkin Patch! They have all sorts of farm animals, yummy fresh apple fritters and apple cider! Last year, Hayden was still pretty little and just looked at everything, but this year, she was much more interactive! She LOVES animals and makes all the animal sounds! She also likes pumpkins and went to sit on them all by herself!

She was relaxing on a pumpkin drinking her fresh cider! :)
Notice her nasty pants...she took a fall right into some pumpkin-goo!

Don't mind Hayden's balloon that Jeremy's holding! ;)


Buggy loves her Grandma (gama) & Grandpa (papa)

Awesome self-portraiture!



Giving the bunny a kiss!

she's so gentle surprisingly!

HUGE pumpkin!

picking out her pumpkin!

Fence is FINALLY done!

After cleaning & pressure washing/ Before stain

Half done


Our gate vs. Neighbors (her's is what our fence looked like before we clean/washed/stained)

We had planned on staining our fence this summer, since I don't think it was ever done in the last 10 years! But, with Jeremy back in grad school with saturday classes, we were very limited with time to do it! After cleaning & pressure washing, we finally bit the bullet and got it started. Thankfully, Neal & Angela were visiting this weekend so Neal & Jeremy were able to get it all finished! Who ever invented lattice - has never had to stain it! I will NEVER have lattice again! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

No more highchair!

It's official: our baby is gone. She's been replaced by an opinionated, short-tempered, stubborn toddler with no patience! :) The latest: we are too big now apparently to sit in the highchair/booster. We must sit at a regular chair on our knees to eat now. She also climbs up onto the barstools too! Monkey girl I tell ya! Anyways, since we are rarely using the booster seat for it's designed purpose, it is now a highchair so hayden's stuffed animals or babies can eat dinner at the table with us!

Goofy "cheese"! She now will point to my camera, say "cheese" as in "take my picture some more please mommy, because you don't do it often enough"!