Sunday, July 24, 2011


Wow- two posts in one day! I'm on a roll!! ;)
Anywho- Jeremy & I were reminiscing how big Hayden is and how fast time goes by. That got me in the mood to look at some of her baby pics, and then I was really motivated to compare them to Declan's pics, as they look A LOT more alike than I thought!

Here's Proof:

Besides Declan's different nose & unattached ear lobes, EVERYTHING else looks like big sissy!
Same Eyes (even the color), Same mouth/lips/smile, Same shape of their faces, Same Brown Hair (although Dec's has some unruly cowlicks that will be fun to deal with as he gets older)!

Whatcha think?

Photoshop Fun!

I've been having lots of fun (when time allows!!) with Photoshop lately! :) I just wanted to share some of my favorite edits so far! 

 Both Hayden's at Hayden Heye's Birthday Party! Cupcake Girls!
Unedited photo Before:

PW Photo Actions: Lovely & etheral, Edge burn, Bring out the eyes
My4Hens Actions: Little Bee

My Dad (Papa T) Hanging out with Decs!
Unedited Before Photo:

PW Photo Actions: Soft Faded, Boost, Edge burn

 I LOVE this picture- Squishy lips!! :)

CoffeShop Photo Actions: Baby Powder Room
PW Actions: Lovely & Etheral, Edge Burn

Stay Tuned for Scrapbook Layouts with these pics FOR SURE!!! ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hayden funny & a few new layouts

I just love our conversations when I'm laying with her at night reading her books.
She had unzipped her jammies because she was hot and was poking at her chest.
Me: Hayden what are you doing?
Hayden: I'm checking to see if my boobies have milk.
Me: You're boobies only get milk when you have a baby, honey.
Hayden: But when will I have a baby?
Me: Not for a long, long time honey. Not until after you go to college, then get maried, then you can have a baby.
Hayden (almost tearing up): But mommy, If I go to college I will miss you & daddy. (melts my heart!)

She so sweet sometimes! Granted, this was the same day that I considered selling her on the black market! ;) That morning she had thrown the HUGEST three-year-old temper tantrum I've seen yet (screaming, kicking, the works)! She redeemed herself by taking a nap & then later with her innocent conversation! :)

Here's a few new pages! :) Click to view larger!

I did this page for my friend Melissa (her two little guys & her neice & nephew) I just loved the picture- knowing how rare it was to have one of all of them not only looking at the camera, but smiling! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

more pages! :)

Just some scrapbook pages! :)
Click to view larger (and read journaling!)