Friday, July 23, 2010

Hayden Updates!

New bookshelf!
big girl bed!

Underware drawer! :(

I'm thinking we almost have this potty training thing licked. *knocking on wood*! :) Hayden has not worn a diaper since thursday night, and not one during the day since last monday! :) At daycare- she does awesome even staying in her panties during naptime. At home, she always wanted a diaper, so instead, jeremy offered her her panties and it was like a light switch! Last night, she refused to wear a diaper or pull up to bed, so we told her she had to wake up and yell for one of us to help her go potty. We prepared for a long (wet) night and were pleasantly surprised! She went to sleep about 8pm, woke up crying and said she had to potty at 10:30pm, then again at 2:30, again at 4:30 and lastly at 6:45 in which she decided she was up for the day! One very tired, but happy to not have changed wet sheets, momma here! We've even ventured out and about (only for an hour or two at a time) but she hasn't had a single accident in the car and did successfully go potty in the Target restroom! :)
Also, last sunday she said she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed (rail off of crib) so we took the rail off and she's done very well! The first night she did awesome- not one wakeup. The next few she had realized she could get up and wander (just around her room- we close her door at night & nap). Today, naptime was interesting, since it was the first time she wasn't at daycare. After putting her back in bed for the third time- she cried and screamed for about an hour before the monitor went silent. Two hours later when I went to wake her- I found a locked door! She locked me out! :) Thankfully, the lock is easy to pick! Once I opened the door- I found her sleeping on the floor with her blanky! She also had pee'd in her panties and taken them off and set them by the door! ;) Can't really fault her for that one! Anyways- just when things seem to get into a really good routine- they throw ya for another loop! We're hoping we'll get into a good rut now with potty training behind us (hopefully!)

More Layouts

Doing more digital scrapping! :) FYI- they are in no particular order, and as you can tell- I've been doing some older ones of Hayden with some of my all time favorite pictures!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wow! I've been a terrible blogger! :) Seems like a month has gone by in a flash! In the last month, Hayden has gone to her first movie, is almost potty trained (shhh, don't tell her!) and had a great 4th of july vacation at Lake CoeurD'Alene! We went to the Dick's Beer tasting @ the Waterstreet Cafe. And lately- summer has finally came so we've spent a lot of time outside in Hayden's pool! I have hundreds of photos (imagine that!) but have been really busy trying to scrapbook them, so I'll just post a few of the pages I've done the last month or so! :) You can click on the pic to make it bigger = easier to read journaling! Sorry again for my blog-laziness! :)