Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the ~MOVE~

I meant to post the other day, but well...I'm too busy chasing after Hayden! :) Besides rolling over and over to get where ever she wants, she has learned how to do a cross between the worm/push up/army crawl. She sorta pushes up (looks like a baby push-up) then pushes off with her toes and pulls with her arms until her arms are under her belly and continues until she gets to where she's trying to go! It's so stinkin cute and now she can get anywhere!! She's even learning how to transition from her sitting position (sat by herself for a solid 30 minutes the other night without any help or falling over once!) to her belly so she can scootch around. The other night, she chased a water bottle (another one of those weird favorite toys) from one end of the living room to the other, then came back when I grabbed the bottle away from her! In NO time, she'll figure out how to go faster and then we'll really be on our toes! How fast they change...

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