Sunday, August 31, 2008

I feel so Accomplished!!

Today I made a bunch of baby food for Hayden from scratch! It was really simple and there is something so cool about making her food myself. It's nice to know exactly what (more importantly what's NOT) going into her food. So far, she really likes sweet potatoes and peas, so that's where I started. Just steamed the peas, pureed them in the kitchenaid with a little water and we've got baby sweet peas!! For the sweet potatoes...after my issues of finding "yams" in the grocery store...just washed, peeled and boiled until they were soft. They too went into the food processor, a lot more water and voila!! After cooling in the fridge, they went into their containers and into the freezer to be pulled out as needed. It's so easy! Hayden even enjoyed it...she sat in her bumbo chair playing with her favorite tupperware bowl and spoon and watched the entire time. :) Not sure what other foods I'll make...probably just the easy ones! But, I really liked doing it and found this website to be my favorite. They have a lot of good ideas and recipes!

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The Knowltons said...

Thanks for the website! We got a bunch of fruit and veggies and I was wanting to make some food but was afraid it was going to be hard. Now that you say it's easy I'm going to try it!