Friday, October 29, 2010

It's A....

BOY! :)

They didn't say weight, just that he was pretty small and that in the next two weeks will double in size. I had to go in earlier than 20 weeks because Jeremy is out of town when I'm 20 weeks, so they may want me to come back to get a closer look at the insertion of the umbilical cord- she couldn't get a clear picture.

Otherwise- everything looked healthy! He kept rolling around and was hanging out with his arm behind his head! :) He wasn't too cooperative for the face shots, but she was able to get some decent ones. Also, the "$money$" shot was hard to get too, but once she put the arrow on the picture...I knew what that was! :) Jeremy was trying to keep Hayden preoccupied (she could care less about seeing the baby!), so the ultrasound tech said "daddy, what do you think that is?" He instantly smiled and said "Hayden, You're going to have a baby brother!" And she still could care less! Later at Target, she did want to get some baby toys for her baby brother, so we settled on a pair of puppy pj's! :) She also asked if her baby brother is done cooking yet, so she gets it I think!

Anyone need any baby girl clothes? ;)


Profile (Head on the right, facing up, spine along the bottom)

Little Foot (bones show up more white)

Profile again

The $$$ shot! :)

Face (this one is weird- imagine looking at a skeleton's face, you see the black areas for eyes, nose mouth, etc. You can see four little white dots at the top of his head- that's his fingers, his arm was up behind his head!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boy or Girl?

We've made a survey to see what everyone thinks we're having! :)
We find out what gender this lil turnip is on October 29th!
Take a guess:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Few Recent Scrapbook Pages

Click the photo to make larger (to read the journaling!!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wow- I suck at blogging! I do have to admit that I'm addicted to the game Bejewled Blitz on facebook- so instead of updating family and friends of all the important things going on in our lives- I'm playing mindless computer games! I appologize!
I want to start off by sharing the most adorable picture that Hayden drew at Daycare. It's a picture of her family (she included baby and Mijo the dog!) How cute is that!? I gotta say- for a two year old- it's not too bad! :)
What have we been up to? Just keeping up with Hayden keeps us plenty busy! She's so smart and keeps us on our toes. She is extremely independent and wants to do everything herself = it takes longer to do anything! We are mostly potty trained (except nap/night time)! She's much better at daycare and when we're out and about (she loves public restrooms for some strange reason?), but we are very happy she's done as well as she has at only 2 1/2.
I've been busy scrapbooking (digital mostly!) and getting invitations made of Nicole's baby shower! This new little bean is growing strong. We heard the heartbeat on 9/22- going strong at 160 bpm! We have another appointment end of the month and should be able to find out the sex shortly thereafter. We're happy no matter what the outcome- but a boy would round out our perfect family! However, we have a TON of girl crap from Hayden, so it'd be really easy to have another girl!
Jeremy has been super busy between his new position at work, getting his MBA and the occasional hockey games. He is now down with his MBA classes and just has to polish up his thesis paper (which his teacher thought was so well put together that he wants to use it as an example for future MBA candidates!) Unfortunately, that just means more work for Jeremy to get it extra-special good! ;) We're very proud of him nonetheless!
WEll, that's about it....gotta go get some dinner ready! I promise not to go so long between updates next time! :)