Friday, September 5, 2008

~6 months old already~

I CANNOT believe that Hayden has been with us for 6 months already! Sometimes I think back when we first brought her home and it feels like AGES ago, but then I think about how much she's changed and am amazed at how fast time has gone by. Just reminds you to cherish all the moments (good and bad) because they are so precious!
Anyways, our little piggy weighs 17 lbs 9 ozs and is 26 inches long!! She's gained almost 3 pounds and 2 inches in just 2 months! :) The Dr even commented on her rolly thighs and that she's obviously not missing too many meals! But she's right on target where she should be...between the 50th & 75th percentiles for weight and right at 50th for height. She had to have a bunch more immunizations and it breaks my heart to see (and HEAR!) her in pain. It was short lived though and went promptly down for her nap. She's playing on the floor happily as I type! Also, she has sprouted two little teeth! Time to get out the floss! just kidding...sorta! So much has happened with her this last month. I swear overnight she became a "baby" and not an infant. While holding her, she wants whatever you, food, pen, glass, her food bowl/spoon etc. Feeding is getting REALLY messy! She's getting SO active...she can scoot around on the floor in circles and backwards. Especially if Mijo or something she wants is nearby. She hasn't quite figured out how to get her legs under her belly, but she's oh-so close...time to baby proof the entire house! I will bet by her next monthly update, she'll be crawling! She's sitting up by herself very well...until mijo runs by and she falls over trying to chase him! She's very vocal and has started screaming just to hear herself (I think she learned that from her friend baby jimmy!) We've also noticed this grunting sound she makes when she not happy, doesn't want to be where she is or is done eating. It's so funny! And...she thinks everything is hilarious...always smiling and giggling. She is loving solid foods...we've done rice and oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes (her fav), carrots, squash, peas, green beans and avocados so far and she has liked them all. She's even started having watered down apple juice in a sippy cup...which is a little awkward, but she's getting the hang of it. We've found that the wierdest things make the best toys...empty water bottles, spoons and her new favorite is a small tupperware bowl!? So much for all those baby-specific toys huh!? Luckily, she's still our great little sleeper: 12 hours at night, plus 2-3 during the day in naps. We've even been able to put her down awake but drowsy and she'll fall asleep on her own (very nice on mommy & daddy's backs!) She'll usually fuss for about 10-15 mins before she's down for the count. We're also about to move her mattress down in her crib because she has become houdini baby. Many a times, she gets herself in the most precarious positions and no doubt will learn how to escape her crib! We no longer lug the big car seat around much; she really enjoys sitting like a big girl in the front of carts taking in all her surroundings. And...getting plenty of smiles and hello's from strangers!

Welp...that's about all I can think of now...a novel later! :) Hope everyone had a great summer and wish you all a happy fall!

~Amie & Jeremy

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The Knowltons said...

Time is flying! She's such a big girl and looking more and more like Jeremy it's crazy!! Do you make your own avacados or did you find them somewhere?