Monday, March 29, 2010

My Mommy is 50! :)

My mom is 50!! We planned a big fun party at Dick's Brewery- easy to hold a lot of people and cleanup! :) We then went to the junction tavern where we got her and Dick's favorite band, The Dirty Birds, to play. Everyone had a great time, and most of all- Mom had a blast! :) Happy Birthday Momasita!!

Jimmy- lead singer/sax in the Dirty Birds

Goofy Jeremy! :)

Hayden loves uncle John! :)

Dick's Mom: Grama June

A bunch of us went in on a painting of this picture of Mom & Dick on top of the mountains in Whistler!

Mom's other Julie! :)

Julie, Nic, Mom, Me & Hayden!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hayden in a box!!

I was working on the computer and Hayden said she needed the paper box (we keep a diaper box by the desk for recycling paper stuff). Didn't really think much of it until I turned around and saw this:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My new motto...

Thanks to Aunt Kristi who said these words:
"The only way to minimize some of the pain and stress in our lives would be to not have relationships with all those people we love.
The more people we love the more potential for joy...and sadness.
There would not be sadness if there had not been the blessing of great joy in relationships! Unfortunately/Fortunately , the 2 go together."
With all the bad hands our family has been dealt the last 6 months, these words really put it into perspective; and made me feel better! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hayden is 2!!

Yesterday (March 1st) was Hayden's 2nd birthday!! We had a party on Sunday (Feb 28th)- lots of friends and family came to celebrate! She got a lot of cute summer clothes and shoes, books & puzzles, a tricycle, an art easel and a really nice table and chairs! She had to put all her bunnies and bears at the table and get them each a piece of paper to color! :) It was a fairly dry day too, so the kids could run around and play outside. We had yummy cupcakes too!

On Monday (March 1st) she had her two-year check up. She weighs 27.5 pounds and is 34" tall. She actually lost about .5 pound since she was there a few months ago for an ear check - but understandable if you see how much she runs around here! :) She let her dr check her ears and hips and even showed the dr her belly and tongue without a peep! She had to get a couple more booster vaccines so now she's good until kindergarten! She is in mostly 2T clothes (although 3T isn't far away I think), size 6 shoe and size 4 diapers- starting to work a little more on potty training too!

As far as milestones go- she's surpassed everything she's supposed to be doing. She can count on her own to four and all the way to ten when you help a little. She loves the ABC song and knows the tune, but only a,b,c,d in order before she puts in random letters! :) She loves to sing songs and dance. She basically runs where ever she goes! Her vocabulary is amazing- and she's basically a little recorder- whatever you say, she'll say right back! She calls herself "buggy" or "hayhen" and just recently started saying "I" or "me", instead of referring to herself in third person. She talks in sentences and paragraphs = She basically is ALWAYS talking! Despite please and thank you, she is quite the bossy little thing. She orders us and mijo around all day- and sadly, most times it works! :) Her favorite tv shows are mickey mouse clubhouse, Thomas the train and make way for noddy. Thankfully sesame street and elmo aren't as cool- but she's still a big Abby Cadabby fan. Her favorite toys are her choo-choo track, her kitchen (she makes us tea and french fries all the time!), putting her babies (all the stuffed animals) nite-nite and reading/coloring/sticker books. She loves to "help" with whatever we're doing, have her finger/toenails painted, washing dishes (playing in the sink and water) and taking showers- she'd stay in forever if we let her.
All in all, she's a pretty typical (and mostly well-behaved) toddler!

As busy and as much of a handful she can be at times- we love her like crazy! :) She's our world and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Bug's Invite & Thankyou!