Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Hop! Daybreak Scraps Freebies!!!

Hello! So this is my very first time participating in a blog hop!  SOOOO- if there is anything wrong with my links/downloads- please be patient! As you are well aware by now (since I'm on the end of this blog hop) You're getting some beautiful freebies from all the CT members from Dawn's Daybreak Scraps Kit: Indian Summer. It is GORGEOUS!! 

You just came from Sondra's Facebook Page
Here's what I've got for ya today. I made this super cute layout of my daughters face painting- then made the stacked paper & the clustered frame into freebies for you!!
Here's my layout:

Download Stacked Paper & Frame Freebies >>>>HERE<<<<
Next you go to Melly's Scrapmania's for a Template!
Hope you enjoyed our lil blog hop! :)
If you get lost along the way- see Daybreak Scraps by Dawn for the master list!
~ Amie

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

crazy busy life!

As usual- this blog is the last thing on my mind! :) We've had a crazy busy September- I've been working at a couple different offices doing maternity leave coverages, plus my one day a week permanent position; Hayden started Pre-K; Traveling to the West Side for weddings after weddings & Trying to squeeze as much lake time in as Summer fades into Fall!  Despite all this- I have been able to keep up on my creative team duties- as well as add one more! I was graciously accepted onto Mommyish Graphic Designs creative team! I ~LOVE~ her stuff & am more than excited to show off to all of you in digi-land (and my mom- I swear the only person who reads this blog!) ;)

Without further ado:
Here's a crap-load of layouts:

Great-Grandma will be 100!!!!!

I am totally a "I can make that for way cheaper" kinda gal (thus my pinterest ADDICTION!), so when my mom asked me to make an invite for my Great-Grandma Esther's 100th Birthday party- I was all over it. We found this one at that we really liked.  After personalizing it (aka- after hours of scouring my external hard drive for a photo of her without a great-great-grandchild on her lap)- I took the easy route & ponied up the cash to just purchase these ones! Seriously- less than $40 for 20 (including envelopes & shipping). The amount of time alone I would spend trying to exactly copy or... design one similar, plus printing then purchasing envelopes would be the same, if not more. So- Friends & Family of my AWESOME STILL BOWLING STRIKES Great Grandma- watch your mailbox! ;)  And- if you don't get one in your mailbox (because yes, I am too cheap to buy enough for her ENTIRE HUGEMONGOUS family)- You're invited!  See ya there! ;)