Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday at the mall school clothes shopping with my mom, sister and little brother - Hayden said a new word! My mom was holding her and she was saying my name from across the store. Next thing I hear is a little bug saying "amie" clear as day. And since we all though it was funny...she called me that the rest of the night!! I'm no longer "momma", I'm "amie"!!! :( Silly girl! I thought I'd have a few more years until she started calling me by my first name, but apparently I was wrong!

Just a random cute picture!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My 10 Year Class Reunion

Crazy to think that 10 years have gone by since I graduated from High School! My class reunion was last weekend, and although not too many people showed,
those of us who did had a good time!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Nic!

Today is my sister's 27th birthday! Happy Birthday Nic! Mom, Dick, Nic, Hayden & I went to dinner at Anthony's Hearthfire Grill which is right on the water. Such a pretty sunset! Hayden even sang her version of happy birthday to nic! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Crabby Sandbox

Hayden's new crabby sandbox! She loves it and daddy loves her digging in the sand instead of his yard! We're working on keeping the sand INSIDE the sandbox, but we'll get there! :)

we must carry all sand toys all at once!

The Dirt Bug - Prelude to Sandbox

This is the reason Jeremy was adamant that Hayden get a sandbox! There's a mole hill that Jeremy had leveled off (and also "got rid off" the mole!) where no grass has grown in = a pile of dirt that attracts toddlers like a magnet! Hayden loves digging her hands and feet in dirt/sand and then pouring it all over herself! I'd rather let her get filthy and have fun than try like heck (and probably unsuccessfully!) to get her stay out of it!

Lil Miss Independent!

Hayden has become our own lil miss independent lately. She must help do any and everything and mimics us like crazy! She's started really getting interested in getting herself dressed/undressed and puting shoes/socks on! Hopefully, she'll be able to do it without one of us fixing! :)

She put her skirt on her head and then walked around like that! :)

Getting the right idea with the skirt!

Skirt/hat same difference!

We wipe off feet before shoes go on!

Puts her own shoes on now!

Wearing Dadda's socks!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I won tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert (which was last night @ Qwest field)! Nic was my date; jeremy thought I'd have more fun with her than him! :) We had a blast! The openers were Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert (I ~heart~ her!!), Montgomery Gentry and Sugarland! Everyone was fantastic and then Kenny rocked the house until 11pm!! Our seats were nose-bleeds...but it was still great; good music and fun had by all!!