Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Hair!!!

I've been so bored lately with my hair! It has gotten SOOOOO LOOOONG that I basically just throw it up in a pony-tail. I had to double it up for work, cause even in a pony it'd fall into patient's faces (ewww). So, I decided to do something really fun and different...
since it grows so stinkin' fast anyways...
I cut 8 INCHES off!! :) And had it dyed Dark Brown/Auburn. It's super pretty in the sun and looks so much healthier! Also, feels so much lighter and cooler for summer time!
What do ya think!?

long hair before appt at lunch with Mom, Nic & Krista

AFTER!! (plus makeup!)

Before (back view)


I was afraid Hayden might not recognize me...but I think we look more alike now than before! We have very similar hair color...her's is really auburny in the sunlight too! :)

Hayden's new pool!

With all the nice weather we've been having....we decided it was time to get hayden a pool. She loves playing outside on the back patio so we knew she'd like a pool too! I found one that is only a few inches deep with fun little sprinklers around the edges. She LOVES it!! It's a little chilly since the water continually comes from the garden hose, but once she's in,
it's harder than heck to get her out! :)

her hat sure didn't last long! Silly girl!

Cute lil ruffle butt!

Very unhappy about getting out! She was in there for 2 hours!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our First Night Away!

Last Saturday was the first night that Jeremy and I were away from Hayden! Sad that we've never really made the opportunity to do so in over a year, but I guess that'll change now. Either Jeremy or I have always been home at night with Hayden when the other was gone! Saturday evening, Jeremy's employer (TwinStar Credit Union) had their annual employee celebration in Portland, OR. My sister volunteered to babysit, so we left early Saturday afternoon to check into our hotel and relax a bit before the dinner & party. We had a great time; I actually maintained quite well for as little as I drink these days! Jeremy even passed out before me -- that's almost unheard of! ;) Sunday we had a good breakfast and did a little (tax-free!!) shopping before making the hour and a half drive home. We decided we'll go away (maybe a little longer?) for our anniversary in August! It was fun just the two of us again (even if we thought about Hayden the majority of the time!) She did just fine without us and was in good hands. Thanks Nic & Mom for taking such good care of our girl!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

For Mother's Day, we (Jeremy, Hayden, I and Jeremy's parents) met my dad, step-mom and little brother for brunch at Tugboat Annie's. We had a great lunch and then hung out on the water for a bit visiting and watching boats come and go. Hayden loves her uncle shawn! :)

Hayden & Grammie Susie

My Mother's Day present!! :) I was surprised Jeremy actually got me a purple one...he only likes the brown or black purses! :)

The Wooden Boat Show

Last weekend we went downtown to check out the boats at the Wooden Boat Show! The weather was surprisingly beautiful, if a little chilly, but very sunny!

Hayden by the tiny replica tug boat! Just her size!

This boat's name is "twilight" for my fellow fans! :)

The Sandman is a Tug boat that actually worked in the Olympia sound in the early 1900's!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Since it's been's a few pics of our last month or so! :)
My little brusher! :)

Peek-a-boo fun with the shower curtain!

She loves putting things in the trunk of her buggie, including herself!

Until she's mom!

Cinco de Mayo party at grandma lori's

She loved the sombero's, just not wearing them!

Uncle Jake & Hayden

Dancing with Auntie Nic

Daddy's studying to take the GMAT test to apply to a Master's Degree program and Hayden was studying her disney books! ;)