Sunday, June 26, 2011

Been too long! Kiddo updates!

I took full advantage of our nice day today!!  We got out Hayden's pool & filled it up! Boy was that hose-water cold!! So funny that kids could care less about how cold the water is! I wanted to share a few pics. She is getting so grown up. She is a little girl now- not even a toddler anymore :( I caught a rare REAL smile from her- I usually get cheesy fake smiles! She is so smart & stubborn & fun. I say fun sarcastically! ;) She's definitely getting a voice of her own & wastes no time telling us how it is! Mostly, tho, she is a really good girl. She's so polite in public (so proud!) & has great manners for a 3 year old. I love going out to eat with her, as she'll insist on ordering herself & always says please & thankyou. She loves her brother to pieces & holds him every morning while watching her cartoons. She loves to give him kisses & try to play with him. Now that he's coo-ing more & more, she'll tell me what she thinks he's saying. For example, today at snack time "I think he's saying he wants an apple too mommy." And again this evening while we were coloring before bedtime, "I think he wants to color a picture with me. Can I show him how to color?" She can't wait to teach him everything- or more likely, to boss him around! :) She comes up with the most funny stuff. This morning at breakfast: "mommy you're the bestest mommy in my whole life of the whole entire world." (because I cut up her sausage for her!) I'll take that as a great compliment! But, then, as Daddy sat down to breakfast, she thanked him for making a yummy breakfast & said he was the bestest daddy in her whole life of the entire world. So apparently she's got the best two parents EVER! :) I love how she adores us at this age (I'll have to remind her of this when she's a teenager & hates us!!!) Her vocabulary is just exploding. Her food is always Delicious, she always says "that's a fantastic idea" or "that'd be fantastic." Just the last few days when I give her options between things (tv shows, snacks, clothes, etc.) She replies "surprise me" :) She has learned a lot of spanish from Dora the Explorer & Go Diego Go (her two fave tv shows as of late) & now says Adios all the time. She can count to ten in spanish & to 29 in english. She's really wanting to learn & understand time. She always asks what time it is and what that means. She's now in mostly 4T clothes, she's gotten so tall! She's still as picky as ever with her clothes. She hates Jeans & Dresses. She'll only wear a dress if we're going somewhere that Mommy has to wear a dress. Ugh. Thankfully it's summer time & her shirt/leggings fetish works fine! :)

Onto Little Brother. I never understood how much your heart can grow when you have two kids. I think that's one thing that a parent of one has trouble with when having another kiddo. I feel like my heart is twice the size as before- He is so perfect & I Thank God everyday for the beautiful children he has blessed us with! Declan is growing like the dandelions in our yard!!  He was 13 pounds about a month ago- so I'm positive he's a lot more than that by now. He's just grown out of his 3 month clothes & he'll be Three months old in 3 days! He is starting to develop his lil personality. He recently started sucking his thumb- so cute! He loves to smile & gets cranky when he doesn't have someone to "talk" or smile to! :) He eats (breastfeeding still) about every three hours (although the last few days he's been hungry hippo & going back to 2 1/2 hours- probably growing some more!!). His schedule so far: 6am Eat, back to sleep until about 8am. 9 am eat, play some then nap til 12, Eat, play then he'll get a good 2 hour nap until 3 or 4pm. Eat play & cat nap. his last feeding is about 9pm and he'll sleep through the night till 6am!!  Gotta love my good sleepers! On the days I work, he & hayden go to the same daycare she attended prior to my maternity leave. He gets half breast milk/ half formula there, since he's a piggy & eats more than I can pump. So far we're still going strong on the breastfeeding thing & I hope to stick with it for as long as it's working for both of us! He loves his sister so much! He's always watching her & I'm sure once he's mobile, will be always following her! :) 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catch up!

I'm so terrible at keeping this blog up to date.  I'm back to work & super busy = exhausted! Decs is growing tons & getting all the cute lil baby rolls! Hayden loves her brother so much & always gives him kisses & is "big sister to the rescue" as she says whenever he needs anything! :)

Here's some of my scrapbook pages lately!