Sunday, March 1, 2009


I ~~CANNOT~~ believe that my baby is not a baby anymore! :(

Exactly a year ago (almost to the hour!) my water broke and there was no turning back. I had the fastest labor...and had planned on getting that epidural long before I felt most of what I felt!! ;) I wouldn't change anything looking back though. At 1:38 pm the most beautiful blessing came into our lives and has changed our hearts forever! Hayden Ramona weighed 7 pounds and was 20 inches long. And a year later she is 21 pounds 7 ounces and 30 inches! It is a miracle how such tiny, lump-on-a-log baby can blossom into a vivacious talking, screaming, laughing, walking little girl in only a year! Jeremy & I say that this last year went by SO fast...but yet it seems like we've come so far. Motherhood is hands down the best job on Earth. It may not be glamorus, but oh the cup runneth over! :)

Our little Haydie-bug is so much fun right now. Everyday she learns or does something new and it's my tireless goal to keep track of it! haha!!

- She has learned how to safely get off the couch! YAY!

- She says "mama", "dada", duck "da", doggie "da-ee", that "dat", "hi"- in addtion to all the words in her own language

- She can walk, but only will when she choses. Usually she'll only take a few steps inbetween items (table to couch, chair to wall, etc.) It wont be long before she's totally running through the house!

- She has become very opinionated and throws "mini-tantrums" when she doesn't get what she wants, or more likely has something taken away that she shouldn't have! :)

- She's still an adrenaline junkie: stands up on her rocking chair and rocks herself, climbs up to the top of chairs/couches and leaps, dives off of the stairs, loves being thrown super high in the air and hanging upside down.

- Lately she really likes to be outside, but our weather just doesn't cooperate. We try to take her for a walk every day, weather permitting. She points to the door and waves bye-bye! :)

- For some reason she likes to suck on pens, chapstick, whatever she's playing with and will wander around with something hanging out her mouth while both her hands are free to play! :) She's so weird sometimes! :)

- She loves to drink water from our cups, so I'm hoping the transistion from bottle to cup comes easily!!

Hayden had her 12month well check on Friday (2/27) and she did great! She is at the 50 percentile for weight, 75% for height. Can't remember the measurement for her head, but it was in the 75%ile. She was cracking me and the doctor up! She was showing off all her tricks: taking steps, clapping, talking, waving, etc. Our pedi asked if she could take her home! Her ears looked clear (I was afraid of an ear infection coming on with the cold she's had), teeth/throat looked good and she checked out all well! Peditrician recommended that we discontinue baby food (purees) and increase table foods, since she seems to like them just fine (haven't found anything she doesn't like yet!). Also, since her cold is on the way out, she gave us the go ahead wean off of formula to whole milk and from bottles to cup. She also said that to try a real cup, rather than the sippy (which Hayden loves her water in a sippy!). So we'll see how that goes!

She had to get 4 shots and the toe prick for anemia testing...screamed and was pointing to the door and waving bye-bye as in "lets get outta here!" But once we were in the car, she was totally happy and playing with her book again!! All and all...good appointment. I'm just not ready for my baby to not be a baby anymore! Her daycare even said that she's looking so grown up now.

Her party is on later this afternoon and I'm super excited...I will post pics afterwards!!

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Tee hee!! She's soooo adorable!! xoxo