Friday, March 20, 2009

We have a walker (and a climber, and a driver, and a...)

Hayden has been one busy little bee lately! Last Saturday after Jimmy's birthday party, Hayden decided she would walk finally. Every day since then, she's walked more and more (although crawling is still the fast mode of transportation!) I've tried like heck to get it on video, but she's sneaky! :) Also, today I found her playing in the sunroom too quietly and was able to document her latest trick: climbing. She climbs up on the little chest by pulling herself up and then stands on it to look out the window! Silly girl...she's too brave tho, and I've tried showing her the safe way to get down rather than just stepping off! Crazy! And...she's been what we call hurricane hayden...she leaves a path of destruction behind her! Our poor house will never survive!

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The Knowltons said...

Yay Hayden for walking! I love that milestone. Brady is into climbing lately too. He's trying to figure out how to climb into his PNP. That last picture is absolutely adorable!