Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Brown Trout!

Last evening, Hayden was a little constipated (we just went to all milk, no more formula YAY!!) and I think it blocked her up a bit. She was trying so hard to poo that she'd just lay down on the floor and cry! :( Poor thing. She did work some out and I thought that was all of it. SO later in the tub, she was playing around and then leaned over and started to cry, and then sucked up some water. She started coughing and choking, so Jeremy and I were patting her back and got her out of the tub. While Jeremy was getting her in her jammies, I let the drain out and started picking her bath toys out to dry. Then I saw a at least 3 inches long, diameter of a quarter-sized log floating in the water!!! I yelled to Jeremy to come look and see- and when he scooped it out, we confirmed that the reason Hayden started to cry (then choked herself by sucking in water) was cause she let out the HUGEST turd in the TUB!! And we didn't even notice!! We were too concerned with her choking to look around! :) HAHAHA!! At least it was solid!!
Sadly my camera is broken so I couldn't take a picture
(which I'm sure Hayden will be thankful of when she's a teenager!!)

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