Monday, December 1, 2008

Hayden's 9 months old today!

And I'm 28 years old today! :( I never had any issues with each coming birthday in the past, but for some reason, 28 has done a number on me. I'm just totally resigned to it and am sad...time sure flies. Anyways...the reason for this post was to be Hayden's 9 month updates!!

I swear that this month was my favorite now! ;) She is doing and learning so many cute things!! She makes me smile every day and I would do anything to make her happy! :)

For some reason, our pediatrician doesn't do 9 month well checks (just fine by me, since it's out of pocket and she doesn't need any immunizations). But, she went in a few weeks ago for an ear infection and weighed 20 pounds even and was 27 inches. She is still in a size 3 diaper and mostly 9 month clothes, depending on brand. She still has the same four teeth, but you can see her upper centrals (#e & f) just under the gums! No wonder she's been biting everything (& everyone!) in sight!


  • Standing very well and cruising along and between furniture (she'll walk sooner than later I think!)

  • She is standing unassisted for a few seconds before she realizes it and then falls over!
  • She is so very careful when she gets down from a standing position!

  • She finally figured out that the traditional crawl is much faster than the belly crawl!

  • She would rather feed herself than get anything from a spoon, which is oh so fun for mommy! She's eating all sorts of table food and loved cranberry sauce during thanksgiving dinner!
  • She is very vocal lately...all sorts of words!

  • She is quite the mimic now...she snorted at me so I did it back and then all day she would look at me and snort. Once I did it back to her, she'd bust up laughing!

  • Speaking of laughing, she thinks it's hilarious when we sneeze or cough...but especially funny when mijo coughs. Weirdo!
  • Because coughing is now funny...she does a great fake cough all day long!

  • She's started to do stuff on command, like wave bye-bye, high fives, etc. And lately has started doing the point (more like puts her arm out and points her hand (not finger) towards something or someone)
  • She reaches up to us now to pick her up! :)
  • She knows the word NO but still pretends to not understand! And really really wants to get into the plants and into stuff on top of tables
  • She's outgrown the rubber ducky bath tub and is now taking big-girl tubs!

Thats all I can think of now...I'm sure she is doing a ton of other stuff that I forgot! :) She's super cute and I'm not biased at all! ;)

Here's a bunch of pics from the last month:

A few of my favs:

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The Knowltons said...

You've got a smiley baby..what are you talking about?? Super Cute pics!