Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day!!

I got sent home from work today because of the snow!! For some reason, people in western washington see snow and freak out. I was at one time one of these said people...but having lived in Spokane for 5 years and NEVER ONCE getting a "snow day" has taught me a lesson or two.

First...Snow is just another form of rain...and seriously people...we should know how to drive in the rain in good ole rainy washington!

Second...fresh snow is actually easier to drive in than freezing rain, sleet, slush, etc.

Third...a big lifted, pimped out truck does not mean that you will be able to stop any faster, get going any easier, etc. SO slow down! All it means (besides that you probably have a tiny pee-pee) is that you may be able to get out of a ditch easier! :)

And Lastly... just slow down...anything is manageable at an appropriate speed.

I made it to work this morning at 6am DOWN Tumwater Hill just fine...I think you people can make it into your appointments too! :)

But, I am thankful for the rare all-day to myself! Jeremy is already at work, Hayden already at daycare, so I have all day to do whatever I please, without any interruptions! I think I may actually catch up (as if that's even possible) on my scrapbooks! Happy Snow Day everyone!

Our house this morning!

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