Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nic's Bridal Shower

Last weekend, Mom, Shaina & I hosted a bridal shower for our bride-to-be Nicole. It was a lot of work and planning, but everything came together very well. Our theme was Mexican Beach (since her and brock will wed on the beach in Cozumel Mexico) and we used the turquiose color from her invites, along with brown and silver since it's fall. The decor turned out beautiful, and the food was very tasty - despite my cookies that were supposed to be shaped like wedding cakes looking like blobs! :( We had a great turn-out, Nic got a lot of really nice gifts and we all had a good time. Nicole's friends from high school welcomed her to the "wife-club" with a handful of pregnancy tests! :) Hayden even got to see here boyfriend Jimmy and the two of them helped Auntie Nic open pressies! Congrats Nicole...VIVA LA MEXICO!!

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