Monday, December 8, 2008

Nic's Bachelorette Party!

Last weekend was Nicole's final fling...before her ring! ;) Sadly, it's taken this long for me to re-group and get back to normal after a night of drinking! I have definitely lost my tolerance, but had fun nonetheless! We started the night at Brewery City Pizza for dinner (& drinks!), then went to the hotel to settle in. We then hit Pints & Quarts, where nic decided we all needed to take shots! :( After that, we cabbed it back to O'Blarney's (bar within walking, or shall I say stumbling distance to the hotel). The most memorable part of the night had to be walking Nic back to the hotel. Mom (the sober one!!) and I attempted to walk her "home" but with shoes and drunkeness...we took a tumble (or three!) Just before the last fall, we convinced nic to take off her clunky shoes. With mom's hands full of purses/shoes/etc., when we all fell again, she caught herself with her face. She had a huge goose-egg on her cheekbone, some serious parking-lot rash and a cut on the bridge of her nose. Once we were safe and sound in the hotel, we determined she needed stitches, as it never stopped bleeding! SO, off to the ER for hours for Mom! :) Three stitches later, a bag of ice and she's as good as new! :) I'd post pics, but she'd kill me! Here's a few of the festivities!

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jessie's girl said...

Simba hair!!! That reminds me of the ol' days of hygiene school and our duplex!!