Friday, November 7, 2008

1st Ear infection!

Last weekend, Hayden started not finishing her bottles, not napping very well and was so hard to get down to sleep. She'd wake up as soon as we laid her down, which was unusual for her. Usually we can just lay her down drowsy and she'll go right to sleep. I started thinking she had an ear infection, but the daycare ladies said she seemed fine, maybe teething a little. I had made her an appointment already and considered cancelling it because she seemed a lot better the last few days, but kept it just to be sure. Sure enough...she has an ear infection in her right ear and her left has a lot of fluid! This is Hayden's first ear infection, but she seems to be doing okay. She's been her happy silly self, just not eating or sleeping as well as she usually does. She is taking benedryl every 8 hours to dry up her head and then if she still seems fussy, she'll start on antibiotics. Hopefully the benedryl will work and she wont need the antibiotics!

On a side note, they weighed her at the dr today and she's 20 pounds 11 ounces!! She's at the 95th percentile for weight! :) My little miss piggy!

Here's a few cute pics to get you by! We were waiting for the dr to come in. Hayden ripped her shoe off and decided to taste it! :)

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