Saturday, November 1, 2008

** 8 MONTHS! **

Hayden is 8 months old today!!

I think as every month passes by, I say "this is my favorite month", but they just keep getting better and better! :) She is so much fun and my mind spins with how miraculous life is! It is the greatest blessing to watch our little girl blossom into a little person month by month. It is as if you can almost see her little brain growing and working! CRAZY!!

Our little (not so little) girl is probably pushing 20 pounds, has four teeth (#d, g, o & p; or lower centrals and upper laterals for those who don't know dental speak!) She is in a size 3 diaper...although may be moving up sooner than later and is wearing mostly 9 month clothes, with a few 12 month ones depending on the brand. And she's about outgrown the infant car seat. We just purchased a new bigger car seat that will hopefully last a few years!

As for milestones she's hit through month 7:

  • She belly crawls/creeps still (pretty fast too) and is starting to figure out the conventional forward crawl
  • She pulls to stand on everything (and anyone!) Every morning and after every nap, we find her standing in her crib talking to herself or anything that'll listen.
  • She's starting to cruise along furniture but she's still pretty slow
  • She walks assisted holding our hands
  • She loves to climb mijo's stairs (which go up to our bed) and is starting to figure out the real stairs too!
  • She is self-feeding very well! She would rather feed herself than be spoon-fed or eat bottles! Her pincher grasp is developing very fast...and loves to pick up cheerios or anything else we put on her tray to eat! She would eat only cheerios if we let her!
  • She can say mama, dada, and all sorts of blah-blah's but I don't think she knows the meaning behind them (tear!)
  • She is starting to clap her hands together! YAY! And starting to wave at people, but mostly just at Mijo (trying to get his attention to play with her maybe??)
  • She is just starting to try stage-3 foods and pretty much likes everything except green beans (although she'll eat the real thing, just not the pureed baby food ones...can you blame her!?)
  • She cries when we take something away from her that she wanted, when we walk out of the room or we try to make her finish her bottles! She is a very opinionated little girl!!
  • She HATES the used to help her sleep, but now she screams when I try to vacuum!
  • Mijo is still her best friend, and now that she's eating a lot more at her highchair (and snacking sometimes in the exersaucer) he's not usually too far behind...ready to clean up anything and EVERYthing that usually lands on the floor! She giggles when he licks her hand or her cheerio and then proceeds to put it in her mouth!! Guess I can't protect her from those germs! Mijo is even starting to play tag and fetch a little with her. It is super cute to see how excited she gets when he pays attention to her!
That's about all I can think of for now! :) Our Halloween was pretty low key last night. Hayden wore her cute halloween shirt all day when she ran errands with me and then we changed into her costume: glow-in-the-dark skeleton jammies for the trick-or-treaters. Her costume was quite the oxymoron as she's no where near skeletal! :) We only had 10 or so trick-or-treaters (which leaves me with WAY too much candy to eat!) but Hayden enjoyed answering the door and seeing all the costumes. Then to bed she went and Jeremy & I turned off all the lights and hid out in the family room! ;)

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