Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Single Parents

This week Jeremy is up in Seattle for a work conference and thus, I'm a single parent! I will say right off the bat...I don't know how people take care of a baby by themselves. I definitely take for granted how much help Jeremy is with Hayden. Just having someone to hand her off to when you need to go take a poo is worth more than you know! :) Thank GOD Hayden has been fairly well behaved...going down easy, sleeping all night and just being her cute self! And thankfully, she gets to play at Sally's with Jimmy this week since her daycare is down in Centralia where Jeremy works (and usually he takes/picks her up). Sally is just a few mins away from my work, so I don't have to drive the 25 mins to centralia and back twice a day for daycare! So, although these few days are flyin' by...I just want to say bless all you out there who raise children on your own...I got the teeniest glimpse and do not envy you ONE bit! ;)

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