Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great-Grandma will be 100!!!!!

I am totally a "I can make that for way cheaper" kinda gal (thus my pinterest ADDICTION!), so when my mom asked me to make an invite for my Great-Grandma Esther's 100th Birthday party- I was all over it. We found this one at that we really liked.  After personalizing it (aka- after hours of scouring my external hard drive for a photo of her without a great-great-grandchild on her lap)- I took the easy route & ponied up the cash to just purchase these ones! Seriously- less than $40 for 20 (including envelopes & shipping). The amount of time alone I would spend trying to exactly copy or... design one similar, plus printing then purchasing envelopes would be the same, if not more. So- Friends & Family of my AWESOME STILL BOWLING STRIKES Great Grandma- watch your mailbox! ;)  And- if you don't get one in your mailbox (because yes, I am too cheap to buy enough for her ENTIRE HUGEMONGOUS family)- You're invited!  See ya there! ;)

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