Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We've had a mole tormenting Jeremy and his efforts with our backyard! Every evening, Jeremy will go spread out the dirt from the mole holes and set his trap (still no mole yet!) Well obviously daddy has a little mimic, cause I caught Hayden doing the same thing while playing outside the other day! :) She even really likes to use daddy's shovel instead of her play one!

"Where's your button?"

My little brother Shawn has outgrown his wagon, so he passed it on to Hayden (who thoroughly enjoys going for walks in it!)

She loves to hold mijo's leash

Mijo (the 5 lb Chihuahua) pulling the wagon and Hayden (the 23 lb sister!)

This is the life: Kicked back chillin' while being pulled around! ;)

Tonight I was reading the paper out on the patio and once again our mimic climbed up in a chair and stole the ads. She was reading the petco flier and pointing at all the animals and saying their names! Learning opportunities everywhere!! :)

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Heather said...

Too cute. I would definatley say that your younger brother has outgrown his wagon.