Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy Holiday Weekend!

For the holiday weekend, we headed over to Spokane/Coeur D'Alene! We left Thursday afternoon and arrived at Jeremy's parent's house early enough for dinner and for Hayden to get a bath and go to bed on time. Friday morning, Jeremy went golfing at Circling Raven with some friends while the rest of us got all packed up to head out to Lake Coeur D'Alene. Hayden was very anxious to get out to the lake!
Grandma & Hayden ready to go!

See ya later!

"Let's go guys!!"

Playing out on the deck at the lake

Once Daddy got done with golfing...He & Hayden launched the waverunner!
She wasn't so sure about the four wheeler ride
Down at the beach, she thoroughly enjoyed the sand...especially licking it off her shovel!

Grandpa & Grandma's New Boat!

Saturday was a hot one (90*+) and we spent most the day down at the beach playing in the sand and water, as well as on the boat and waverunner.

Before all the other kids came out to play! :)


After a long day playing at the beach, we had to clean up for dinner. This was outfit #3 for the day! She loved hanging "owside" playing on the deck in the shade!

Tim had a bunch of hunting magazines and Hayden loved them for some odd reason. She would bring them to anyone willing to read to her. She'd point to any of the animals in the pictures and say "nite-nite"! We didn't have the heart to tell her that they weren't really sleeping! ;)

Sunday was a little cooler and while most people packed up and headed home early, we were lucky enough to hang out until late afternoon. We went for another boat ride before pulling all the toys out of the water and heading back to town.

Our little family! Hayden isn't a big fan of life jackets!! :)

Sunday night, we watched an AWESOME thunder & lightning storm come through the Spokane Valley and had a nice relaxing evening. We figured we'd avoid a lot of the traffic by leaving on monday instead of sunday night. And we were right...we heard traffic was terrible going over snoqualmie pass on sunday with all the holiday travelers! We left Monday at nap time and made it home in only 5 1/2 hours. We had a great holiday, even if we're all completely exhausted! (Hayden is teething her last two teeth until her two-year-old molars -- so we're not getting as much sleep as we normally do!)

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Heather said...

So jealous of the girl's big pony tail. Even if Audrey had enough hair for one, she wouldn't keep it in. :(