Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our First Night Away!

Last Saturday was the first night that Jeremy and I were away from Hayden! Sad that we've never really made the opportunity to do so in over a year, but I guess that'll change now. Either Jeremy or I have always been home at night with Hayden when the other was gone! Saturday evening, Jeremy's employer (TwinStar Credit Union) had their annual employee celebration in Portland, OR. My sister volunteered to babysit, so we left early Saturday afternoon to check into our hotel and relax a bit before the dinner & party. We had a great time; I actually maintained quite well for as little as I drink these days! Jeremy even passed out before me -- that's almost unheard of! ;) Sunday we had a good breakfast and did a little (tax-free!!) shopping before making the hour and a half drive home. We decided we'll go away (maybe a little longer?) for our anniversary in August! It was fun just the two of us again (even if we thought about Hayden the majority of the time!) She did just fine without us and was in good hands. Thanks Nic & Mom for taking such good care of our girl!

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