Sunday, February 1, 2009

~11 months old!~

Besides Super bowl is also Hayden's 11 month birthday! ONLY ONE MONTH until the big 1st birthday! Crap...I need to start planning! ;)
So...this month, Hayden didn't have a dr appointment, so we're not sure how much she weighs, but we both think that her weight gain has slowed considerably, as she's gotten considerably more active. She is ALL over the place! Hopefully it'll help me burn a few more calories chasing her around all day! :) She has such a personality - she makes me smile everyday! :) She is in a size 4 diaper, 12 month clothes, with a few 12-18 month sized ones thrown in there. She has six teeth and is working on more...she has been teething pretty bad lately, but I can't feel anything in there (without getting bit!). She is supposed to get the lower laterals next, but who knows what order she'll go in next! We're thankful she's still such a good sleeper - 8pm-8am, with a few naps during the day! She still has 4 bottles a day. We tried putting her formula in sippy cups during her noon and 4pm feedings and she wasn't having that at all! I think we'll just wait until her 1 year birthday and cut out bottles cold turkey. She may be pissed for a little while, but she'll take it from a sippy once she's hungry enough! :) We have started putting whole milk along with her formula during the daytime bottles, slowly weaning to no more formula!! YAY!! I cannot wait to not buy that $$ stuff anymore! :) She will eat at least a jar of baby food for breakfast (8:30am), lunch (1pm) and dinner (6pm), as well as a lot of finger foods. She loves mac n cheese, spaghetti, yogurt and all breads!
Hayden can stand by herself really well and for a long time. She is cruising along/between furniture, walls and cupboards.
She loves to walk while holding our hands; and will probably walk unassisted any day now!
She loves to feed herself with a fork - and doesn't poke her eye out trying! Time to buy some baby sized forks! :)
She says "mama", "dada", and I think she's saying "doggy" which sounds sorta like "da-ee"
She loves to wave bye bye and clap!
She LOVES pictures and other babies.
She's doing stuff on command, like wave bye-bye, high fives, "give me (insert object she's not supposed to have)", etc.
Her favorite games are peek-a-boo and "i'm gonna get you".
She loves the stairs and the laundry room?!?
Mijo (our chihuahua) is her favorite friend and they have actually started to play with each other a little, but she has to have her mickey mouse doll to sleep now!
Her favorite toys are plastic bowls, measuring spoons and non-traditional stuff! She does really beat up on her drew-doll and loves to try to put him in the trunk of her princess buggy!! I think she's seen too many soprano episode's daddy! :) She also LOVES books! I'm very proud of that!
She still has a little bit of the stranger/separation anxiety...doesn't always like to be handed off to strangers, or like it when I leave the room for a few seconds! :)
She loves dancing! Even in the car, if the radio is on, she dances in her seat!
She loves clearing off tables, counters, etc. in one giant swoop!
I love when she is falling asleep, she sings or sorta hums to herself! :) It is so sweet to listen to on the monitor!
And lately, I love her little tan arms from Mexico with white strips inside the fat rolls!! It can only look cute on a baby!! :)
Gotta go plan a birthday party! See you soon!

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