Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! & 10 months old!

Today is Hayden's 10 month birthday, as well as the first day of 2009! Happy New Year everyone! :) I cannot believe that Hayden is almost a year old already!! This last year sure flew by...where did the time go!?

Hayden is so stinkin' cute these days! ;) She is so much fun...although she can be rotten at times too! As far as stats go...she is going to the dr tomorrow to get her ears checked before we go to mexico, so I'll post an update then with weight/height, etc. She is in mostly 12 month clothes and just went up to a size 4 diaper this last week. We can always tell when she's ready for the next size when she pee's through them at night (12 hours is a long time for a diaper!) She has all four upper teeth mostly in now and still the lower centrals for a total of 6 teeth! And...she's started biting. At first it was cute and funny...but now it actually hurts, so we're working on breaking that habit shortly! She still has 4 bottles a day, but is starting to not eat much of her 12noon bottle, so we may cut that one out soon. She has 7 oz at 7 am, 6oz at 12noon, 6oz at 4pm and 8 oz at 7:30pm. She will eat at least a jar of baby food for breakfast (8:30am), lunch (1pm) and dinner (6pm), as well as any finger foods we give her. She's a good eater and I'm anxious to see how much she's weighing in at! She's heavy!!

Hayden is standing very well and cruising along/between furniture, walls and cupboards.
She is standing unassisted for a good minute or so before she realizes it and then falls over!
She is using her walk-behind toys that she got for Christmas to get all around the house. She hasn't quite figured out how to steer them yet tho!
She would rather feed herself than get anything from a spoon, and then run her hands through her hair! :)
She's eating more and more table foods. Last night she really enjoyed a tortilla at Plaza Jalisco!
She is very vocal and does this high-pitched squeal that drives me nuts!
She says "mama", "dada" (and knows what/who they mean) and all sorts of baby-babbling.
She is mimicing everything we do: snorting, laughing, coughing, clicking her tongue, etc.
She FINALLY started clapping! I have tried to get her to do it for months and she JUST started yesterday (12/31 happy birthday daddy!)
She LOVES pictures. She will point to any picture frame, or the fridge and loves to look at all the pictures as we tell her who they are.
Her pointing (or gesturing wants) has evolved from just the hand point to actually using her pointer finger!
She's doing stuff on command, like wave bye-bye, high fives, "give me (insert object she's not supposed to have)", etc.
She knows the word NO but still pretends to not understand! When we tell her "no" she shakes her head "no-no" over and over! :) She has gotten really defiant and stubborn this last month (especially with mijo's food/water bowls).
Her favorite games are peek-a-boo and "i'm gonna get you".
She has mastered the stairs. She can crawl up them in less than a minute! But to get down, she just turns and leaps...scary!
Mijo (our chihuahua) is her favorite friend, but she has to have her mickey mouse doll to sleep now!
She has found my long hair and thinks it is halirious to tug on it! She's always played with it while eating her nite-nite bottle, but now it has to be pulled back. Otherwise, she'll pull and then laugh and not finish her bottle! ;) Silly girl!
She loves the tupperware and measuring cup/spoons drawers and books! She brings us books to read to her all day long!
She still has a little bit of the stranger/seperation anxiety...doesn't always like to be handed off to strangers, or like it when I leave the room for a few seconds! :)
She loves dancing! Even in the car, if the radio is on, she dances in her seat!

Alright...I can't think of anything else! :) See ya next month!!

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