Friday, January 9, 2009


So I FINALLY am at my goal weight!! I have been trying to lose ONE measly pound since the week before thanksgiving!! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't gain any during the holidays, but still was hanging onto that last stinkin' pound! Well, Fridays are my "weigh-in" days and this morning, I was right 140! I have lost 21 pounds in 23 weeks! And, since I was able to maintain (even if 1 pound heavier!) for so long, I'm very confident that I'll be able to stick with this one! :) I of course would love to lose/tone up more, but am very happy with myself for losing all my "baby"weight by the time we leave for MEXICO!!! speaking of which...we leave on Saturday for Portland where we'll stay the night and fly out early Sunday morning to Cozumel. Well, I-5 has been closed through Centralia/Chehalis due to flooding since Wednesday! Luckily, we just heard on the news that it will reopen this evening...just in time for us to make it to Portland! :) YAY!! Today has been a great day! (Hayden even slept in until 8am this morning!)

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