Saturday, October 11, 2008

busy busy bee!

Today for some reason, Hayden decided to do all sorts of new stuff! She was ALL OVER the place room, dining room, kitchen all on her own belly! :) She has also discovered our new end tables are like a jungle gym...she crawls under and through them! Silly girl! And then later she had crawled into a basket I have under a table in the dining room...where she found a lovely outlet cover to chew on! She is teething somethin' fierce and her 4th tooth (upper right lateral #d) broke through today too! And to top off her night, she has liked to stand holding onto the ottoman for a few weeks now, but tonight she cruised around it (took steps all the way around). Once it started to roll, she used it as a walker! She was even trying to push it with her arms and her forehead when the wheels got stuck on a toy...cracking us up! I love that she's developing her motor skills so well, but it breaks my heart that may "baby" is disappearing day by day. In no time, she'll be walking and talking!

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