Thursday, October 9, 2008

!!7 months!!

Well, maybe a little over 7 months...but she has us too busy to be "on-time" ! :)
Lets see...Hayden is now ON THE MOVE! She hasn't quite figured out the "traditional" way to crawl, but who needs to do anything the right way? She can get around JUST fine with her army/worm-crawl! She does rock back and forth on her hands and knees, but then flops down onto her belly and pulls herself along! She loves to pull herself over to the ottoman (that has wheels) and tries hard to pull up on it. She hasn't quite got the hang of that yet, but when we stand her up to it, she'd play there all day (or until the wheels roll it too far for her to hang on anymore!) She is already loving everything she's not supposed to (plants, chewing on end tables, opening cupboards, etc.) and is worse than a puppy! Speaking of puppies...mijo is still the best thing on earth and he's learned that hanging out down under her high chair reaps a few rewards! She loves to look down at him begging her for food instead of paying attention to eating. Speaking of eating...her menu is growing by leaps and bounds. The newest yummy foods are Gerber star puffs (sweet potato flavor), yogurt melts and pureed meats (only mixes...can't stand to give her just the plain meats...ick). She's really getting good at picking up food and actually getting it into her mouth. The first few attempts were quite amusing and she'd get frustrated, but she's gotten it down in just a week or so. We graduated from feeding in the bumbo chair to an actual highchair. This is the one we got and I ~LOVE~ it! She really enjoys the toys on the top and it travels very easily. We took it to dinner with us last weekend and it worked a lot better than the standard high chair all restaurants have. She's still as vocal as ever...even adding in a few mamamama's! :) She just popped her third tooth through (her upper left lateral #g, the right one #d isn't far behind) which isn't the order that I learned in Dental Hygiene school...but figures she'd go against the grain when I know what she's supposed to get & when! Not sure exactly what she's weighing in at these days, but it's probably getting close to 20 pounds...she's heaving to pack around! She's growing like a weed...already into 9 month clothing!
As for the rest of the family, Mijo had his yearly check up and we can no longer call him our 4-pound chihuahua...he weighed in at 5 1/4 pounds! Which means he's gained a full pound in a year and a half! Vet said he's fine, but to not give him so much people food! :) I (amie) have yet to figured out what I'm allergic to and am once again itchy and covered in hives for the last week or so. Last time I went to the dr regarding this, they basically told me to live on benedryl and that allergy testing wouldn't be worth it since they rarely pinpoint anything specific. I sit here and scratch myself! ;) I am doing okay with my weight loss, still stuck at 12 pounds lost. I've hit a plateau the last few weeks, but hopefully I'll get my butt moving a little more often and get over that hump. Jeremy has actually lost pounds along with me: 18 pounds! We're hoping to be one fine lookin' couple come January in Mexico! :) Jeremy is busy with hockey, work and our gutters now that the rains have began!! ;) Welp...until next month....

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The Knowltons said...

Super cute! I love her shoes!