Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend!

Jeremy & I realized a little too late that we had commited to two events on the same day (Katie's Birthday in Spokane & Karly's Wedding in Portland!) We decided to go to both! Jeremy and Hayden went to Spokane for the holiday weekend, and I went out to the lake cabin and then to the wedding. It was strange (and really nice!) not having the responsibility of a toddler 24/7! Out at the Lake, we knew that the weather wasn't supposed to be great- but Saturday evening cleared up just in time to watch the gorgeous sun set! That was Dick's favorite time of day at the cabin- sitting on the deck watching the sunset!

Look! Blue sky! :)

Dick's Tree!

Friends from High School: Joe & his beautiful Fiance Michelle

Alissa- Friend from HS

The beautiful Bride and her groom!

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