Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hayden's 18 months old today!

Hayden is a year and a half old today! My baby is officially gone...and a toddler has replaced her! As rotten as she can be at this age, she does so many cute, funny things that just melt my heart! Today for example, she insisted on wearing my socks and did for the entire evening!

As far as milestones, she's definitely growing and learning a lot! We've completely lost count of her words, since she can say almost anything, and will repeat anything. Her new favorite word of course is "no." We've given up on asking her questions if we don't want "no" as an answer (as in, ready for dinner or bath, etc!)

She's just starting to outgrow her 18 month clothes and is still in a size 4 diaper. She also just went up a shoe size from 4 to 5, depending on the brand. She doesn't have a checkup until her 2nd birthday, but we guestimate she's about 25 pounds.

She's moved to the counter to eat in her booster, since she loves to throw food from her high chair. She still tends to huck it all to Mijo when she's all done, but she has gotten a lot better by being up at the counter/table. She is using a cup, spoon and fork, but likes to dump things out once she's no longer thirsty/hungry! :)

Lately, she's shown some SERIOUS potty training awareness, and was at first scared of her potty chair. Now she's such a mimic, she'll go into the bathroom with you, sit on her chair, ask for paper and wipe, and then help flush and wash hands. Albeit she has her clothes/ diaper on and has yet to actually go in her potty...but we're getting there I think!

She loves to throw mijo's tennis balls and can even kick a ball. Outside is one of her favorite places to be, playing on her slide, in the sandbox or just sitting on the retaining wall smelling flowers! ;) She also really likes to go for walks in her wagon ("wee-wee" no clue why she calls it that!?)

She's learning her letters and her favorite is "E". She loves to say it and point it out where ever she sees it! When you ask how old she is, she'll hold up one finger, but then says "two"?! :) We also have some washable bath crayons that she plays with in the tub. We always write her name on the side and she'll point to the letters when prompted (sometimes she prompts us with the "e")! She likes to "write" - where she'll take a pen or pencil and a notebook and scribble throughout! She LOVES her tupperware shape sorter and can put in the plus and the star without any help (and says "pus" & "star") and can say "ovo" (oval), "cirtle" (circle) and "swear" (square). ;)

She still thoroughly enjoys destroying the kitchen by emptying every drawer/cupboard she has access to! And, our house is always littered with toys, books, etc. I say it's only clean when she's asleep...and then once she's up, hurricane hayden does some serious damage in a record amount of time! :)

This picture is my favorite because while eating dinner, she pointed to my camera and said "cheese". So when I turned it on, this is the phony "cheese" face she gave me!

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