Friday, June 5, 2009

15 Months!!

Hayden was 15 months old officially on Monday June 1st, but her checkup wasn't until today (June 5th) so I'm posting her update today! :)

She weighs 22 pounds, 13 ounces and is 31 inches tall! She's gained almost 2 pounds and 2 inches in the last three months, which I was surprised by. Since her 12 month check up, she has started walking (and now running!) so I didn't think there'd be much of a weight gain at all. She's getting so tall and skinny! :( But, she's still at 50%tile for weight and 75% for height, so all must be good! She's just starting to outgrow her 18 month clothes, but is still in a size 4 diaper.

Our Pediatrician was very impressed with not only hayden's vocabulary, but all her milestones! She should be able to say a few words, but at last count, she says over 30! Some of those, of course, only we can tell what she's saying, but they are words nonetheless! Her motor skills are way up there as well. The only thing she said for us to work on is kicking a ball (we have no troubles throwing balls!!) We also discussed how testy she is and her short-fuse temper! Basically, it's an age thing and she's testing us! Best tip was to just be consistent, use distraction techniques and to ignore her when she's doing things we don't want her to, so she doesn't get any attention from it. We'll see how that goes!

Hayden's favorite thing is to be outside. In fact, that's her newest word - "owside"! :) With the weather nicer, she enjoys just playing on the back porch with her measuring cups/spoons!! She will go to the kitchen drawer where they are kept and make a few trips bringing them all out onto the porch! I swear she's gonna grow up to be a chef! Sadly, tho, we have to wash them all every night when she's asleep so they aren't grimy. She also has learned how to open and close the screen door and will do so when you ask her (as in "close the door behind you")! I'm so sick of vacuuming up nasty dead flies!

Hayden is a hurricane. Now that she's running, she can destroy our ENTIRE house in less than 10 minutes! She goes from room to room emptying all drawers, bins, etc. until everything is spread throughout the house. Unfortunately, she doesn't put much away, but when she does, it's in a different place than it belongs! The other day, I was making some pasta for Jeremy and when I grabbed the pasta pot, there were toys inside it! We couldn't find a tablespoon for the life of us when we were baking last weekend, only to find one in the toy box and the other down under the couch cushion! We usually keep the upstairs gated off, but on the random chance she gets up the stairs (also very quickly!), she goes straight to our bathroom where she takes every lotion bottle I have (which is many!) out of the cupboard! In her bathroom, she likes to empty the towel/washrag drawer and then put random things under the sink cupboard! Today, while I was putting away laundry in our room, she was quietly (that should've tipped me off!) playing in her room. When I went to see what she was up to, she had taken all her clothes out of every drawer in her dresser and had moved on to emptying the bins that I keep her crib sheets and too small clothes in! I swear, cleaning up after her is more than a full time job! Basically the only time our house is clean is when she's asleep! :)

Her favorite toys are still mostly unconventional ones: measuring cups/spoons, tupperware bowls, remotes/cellphones. Her baby doll Drew is a top contender as well as her stuffed bunny rabbits. She has started "feeding" her baby Drew by dumping water, milk or juice on his face!She LOVES books and we read to her multiple times throughout the day. Lately, her favorite book is My Little Girl by Tim McGraw that she got for her daddy for Christmas! :)

As far as eating goes, she likes just about anything we give her. Some days, she'll eat everything, where others, she'll have just peaches for dinner! Apparently that's normal tho for this age so I'm not too concerned by it. We offer her all sorts of food, so hopefully, she won't become a picky eater like daddy! ;) The Pediatrician did say that we don't have to give her whole milk if we don't drink it, that skim (what we, or more like I drink) milk is just fine as long as she's gaining weight fine. So that'll be nice not to buy separate milk anymore! She's doing well transitioning to a cup -- just likes to dump it down the front of her and play. She also really likes to use forks/spoons, but isn't always very good at it!

Teeth. UGH. While getting her two vaccinations today...I had a great view of all her soon to be teeth! She has been getting one tooth right after another for 3 months now! She has: #D, E, F, G, L, O & P fully erupted; #B, C, H, I, & S - partially erupting; and swollen areas where #M, N, and R are going to come through any day. In non-dental terms: She has 7 teeth completely in, 5 starting to come in and 3 more ready to break through the gums. Luckily, she must be used to the pain because she's still been sleeping great: 8pm until about 7:30 am with a 2-3 hour nap midday!

Alright...this is long enough! :) Our baby is a toddler now! :( Ready or not......

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The Knowltons said...

Wow! That's awesome for her vocabulary. She's going to be quite the talker! Thanks for the tips when they are testing you. We are starting to enter that phase.