Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Hayden had a pretty busy Easter this year! It was nice having her old enough (and able to walk) to participate in the festivities!

Saturday, we went to the egg hunt at the highschool. They had thousands of eggs and had areas seperated for little kids vs. big kids. She did pretty good and got the whole concept of picking the eggs up and putting them in her basket, only she wanted to chew on them a bit first! :) She promptly crashed in the car on the way home for nap time!

On Sunday, she got her basket from the Easter Bunny. It had a cool puzzle, some socks, a bunny and some yummy candy that mommy & daddy had to eat for her! ;) She loves the puzzle!

For Easter dinner, we went to my Uncle Tim & Aunt Dianne's house. We first put her in this dress, but since she's sorta inbetween sizes right now, we decided it was too short and swapped it for another dress (that was a little too big!) We did egg hunts inside, since it was so cruddy outside and by the days end, she was totally getting the concept down!


Cousin Abby (3 yrs old) holding Hayden! :)

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